At Vision we take pride in our ability to provide all of our clients with a safe and healthy atmosphere for professional body piercing and tattoos. We go above and beyond to ensure that all of our instruments, as well as products being used, are the safest that they could possibly be. We constantly consult with health and industry professionals to ensure that our knowledge on sterilization, blood-borne pathogens, and cross contamination is up to date with and above industry standards.

Every Vision New Jersey establishment has an in house sterilization facility, which contains the same equipment used in many medical facilities to clean and properly sterilize all items used during piercing and tattoo procedures. Each staff member that works at Vision is trained in the sterilization room and works hands on with the entire sterilization process. Every day before they are used, each autoclave is tested with an indicator strip to ensure that the machine works properly before anything is sterilized. Once that test is done, each load has a packaged indicator strip to again make sure the unit is running at proper temperature, pressure, and saturation every time.

Needles are obviously a very important part of what we do. Every needle being used for a tattoo or piercing is either pre-sterilized or sterilized on site. Every needle we use is one-time use only and is disposed in a biohazard sharps container immediately after the procedure is complete. Each sharps container is then properly stored and picked up by Stericyle. Stericycle is a biohazard disposal company that makes quarterly visits to all of our locations.

Before every piercing or tattoo at Vision, you will physically see the piercer or tattoo artist remove all instruments, needles, and medical supplies (cotton swabs, gauze, etc.) from its own individual sterile pack. The tattoo and piercing stations at Vision are all disinfected using a hospital grade solution called Cavicide. Work stations, tattoo machines, cords, power supplies, and furniture are all covered with protective barriers (dental bibs, machine bags, cord covers, drape sheets) to prevent cross contamination as well. We are very confident in our abilities to provide all of our clients with a safe and friendly environment, so feel free to ask to see our sterilization rooms. For any questions call, e-mail, or visit any of our locations and any member of our staff will be more than willing to help.