Once paperwork is taken care of, one of our friendly staff members will run you through all of your jewelry options for the piercing of your choice. All piercings performed at Vision Tattoo will be done with either 316 LVM surgical steel or 6AL4V ELI ASTM F-136 implant grade titanium. After jewelry has been chosen, the client will be introduced to our piercer and brought into the piercing room. In the piercing room, any surface to be contaminated will be covered with dry back dental bibs, and all instruments, needles, jewelry, and medical supplies will be opened and discarded in front of the client to ensure individual use. All of our piercers have been trained by the Ocean County Board of Health in sterile set up, procedure, and tear down of piercing. This ensures our clients that they are in very safe hands.

After the piercing is complete, the piercer will explain in detail the proper care for the new piercing. This includes any healing times or precautions needed to take during the healing process. We encourage our clients to have their piercings checked weeks after it has been performed to ensure proper healing, and to diagnose any issues that may have occurred.


Check Up – Once a piercing is completed at Vision Tattoo we encourage a second visit a few weeks after to make sure the healing process is running smoothly. At this time, the piercer on staff will be able to determine how the piercing is healing and suggest possible changes to aftercare if necessary. If an issue seems to be arising, please do not be shy, feel free to call or stop in any location.

Removal – If a client is required to remove a piercing for any reason, we will be more than happy to help free of charge. We also carry a wide selection of acrylic retainers if you need to hide a piercing for work, school, or a medical procedure.

Insertion – After a piercing is healed, many clients like to change the jewelry to something fancier. Feel free to come in and purchase an alternate piece of jewelry, our piercer will change it free of charge. At this time the piercer can provide instructions on how to safely change the jewelry and ensure that the piercing is indeed fully healed.

Stretching – Come in to talk to one of our staff members to find out what your jewelry options for stretching are. Always have a piercer stretch and insert your larger jewelry to avoid future problems. We also recommend waiting at least two months between stretching.


At Vision Tattoo all piercing is done on a walk in basis. All clients must be at least 18 years of age with proper government issued photo ID. Minors must have a photo ID (School ID, Six Flags Pass, Passport, County ID, etc.), their birth certificate, and parent/guardian must have their government issued photo ID (Drivers License, Passport) with legal guardianship documents if a guardian. Minors must be at least 14 years old to be pierced, age may vary depending on type of piercing. We will not do any surface piercings on minors. If the required forms of ID are not present we will unfortunately be forced to turn you away, no exceptions.